INK trees - psithurism

About ten years ago I made a small ink study/sketch of a forest section for a larger commission that ultimately fell through. It did not align with the direction of my other work, but I happily kept it among the random scatterings of my decorated studio wall. I never continued to deliberate on the idea, and it ultimately sunk into obscurity.

Three years ago, I had a studio visit from a woman that enthusiastically inquired about that little sketch she happened to notice on the wall. I informed her I hadn't considered selling it. She was absolutely in love with it, and convinced me to frame it up and make the formal arrangements. She also offered some valuable advice. That advice was to anticipate the approval of the image and make prints. I did so, and have been selling many of the prints over these last few years. Growing popularity, further encouragement, and increased personal interest has driven me to properly continue this series. And for the past 4 months or so, I have been hard at work creating new original ink tree paintings. I'm very excited and grateful for my fans and supporters, as this project may never have been truly realized without them!

If you follow my efforts on social media, you may have seen a few popup from time to time. I will be making this page the official home for the development of this project, although it will not be all inclusive. I am currently looking for a proper venue for a full exhibition of these gems this year. Please be on the look out!