Update from Scotland


Greetings! An update -

You may have seen on social media, the warm welcome I received as a finalist in the portrait painting competition held at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow. My painting of Gene Kelly will be framed and retain pride of place in the grand staircase. Even though I did not win the competition, it is a great honor to be a part of this historic hotel. If you would like more “on the go” updates about my work and studio practice, please follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Working to make more Youtube updates in the near future!

So here is the not so skinny… The past few months has been a challenge. Some aspects a very delightful challenge, and some not at all - Planning an immigration, wedding, creating an exit/transfer plan for my studio practice, and helping my sister organize my father’s estate affairs. Much of these processes are almost complete and becoming more manegable by the day, and I am happy to say that my Fiancée and I are working our way into the peaks and valleys of life in Scotland. Lyndsey is now working, and I am traveling back and forth to Glasgow, making connections and procuring a new studio space. For now, my work is limited to small watercolours and sketches, but I’m having a good time with that. I’ve ordered a Pochade Box easel for some outdoor painting and future workshops. Oh, the landscapes! I mostly stick to the portrait and figure, but I believe nature will beckon me. I imagine I will not confine myself to the studio nearly as much… How could I??! Well, it does rain a hell of a lot here, but I’ll be sure to plan appropriately.

Between all this networking, studio scouting, and little paintings, I have a lot of admin to manage. This update goes along with all of that. You will see lots of changes in the works! Please keep a look out in the coming weeks/months for website additions, including new paintings and drawings, ways to purchase originals and prints, and links to my Patreon page! I’m very excited about this project… While painting, I’ve been documenting my processes in detail, and soon will be dividing them up into snippets for short tips and longer educational videos. Patreon will give me the opportunity to interact more frequently and intimately with people who would like to give support and are curious about my techniques. You will also be able to follow many of my new experiences and some content through Youtube. Looking forward to bringing my journey closer to you!

See you soon, and kind regards,