Tiny Paintings!


Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season! I feel a bit like an elf. Working my fingers to the bone painting "made to order" mini commissions for the holiday season. If you'd like one let me know. It's a great chance to acquire affordable work for yourselves, or as a gift for someone special. 

Each painting will be oil on durable/archival Arches oil paper with a small white border (mixed with a Liquin medium for quick dry and luster). Any subject (landscape, portrait, still-life, abstract) 4x6 inches for $50 or 5x7 inches for $75. These are perfectly sized for simple frames or gifting however you’d like! If you have a few people you’d like to buy for, I’ll take 25% off of the third and each additional painting.

I’m getting right to work so they will be done in time! Please respond to jasonmbentley@jmbportfolio.com with your order before Wednesday Dec 12. 

Happy Holidays!


Have you heard of Saatchi? Did you know I have some of my Psithurism prints for sale there? I always thought it was weird to buy art online, but I think the experience here is very unique. Check it out and see how easy and transparent the process is. You can choose your size and select mat and framing options, all while having a virtual example of what the piece will look like as you construct it. I started this not too long ago, so I have a limited selection... Don't see something you wish was there? Let me know and I'll put it up! Also, wanna tell your friends about it? I'll love you forever! xx

Visit: www.saatchiart.com/jasonmichaelbentley